ALJ abstracts and contents

Vol.43 no.2 2018
Zines and libraries in the UK: Special issue
Vol.43 no.1 2018
Articles based on papers presented at the IFLA Art Libraries Section Satellite Meeting 2016 (Chicago) – The Art Library as Place: Building on the Past, Building for the Future

Vol.42 no.4 2017
Articles based on lightning talks given at the Art Libraries Conference, Florence, October 2016
Vol.42 no.3 2017
Fashion collections: Special issue
Vol.42 no.2 2017
Information literacy in UK and US art libraries: Special issue
Vol.42 no.1 2017
Special issue: Fashion - Resources and research

Vol.41 no.4 2016
Articles based on papers presented at the Livres d'Artistes conference, Cardiff, December 2015
Vol.41 no.3 2016
A variety of articles
Vol.41 no.2 2016
Art ephemera: Special issue
Vol.41 no.1 2016
A variety of articles

Vol.40 no. 4 2015
The role of the art librarian in the Open Access movement: Special issue
Vol.40 no.3 2015
A variety of articles
Vol.40 no.2 2015
Catalogues raisonnés, collection catalogues and the future of artwork documentation: Special issue
Vol.40 no.1 2015
A variety of articles

Vol.39 no.4 2014
A variety of articles
Vol.39 no.3 2014
A variety of articles
Vol.39 no.2 2014
Special issue: Chinese art documentation in China, UK & USA
Vol.39 no.1 2014
A variety of articles

Vol.38 no.4 2013
Special issue: Exiles and émigrés, libraries and image collections
Vol.38 no.3 2013
Special issue: Artists’ publications
Vol.38 no.2 2013
Special issue: Art documentation in Japan
Vol.38 no.1 2013
A variety of articles

Vol.37 no.4 2012
Special issue: Resources for Latin American art
Vol.37 no.3 2012
A variety of articles
Vol.37 no.2 2012
Copyright: Challenges and opportunities in a digital world
Vol.37 no.1 2012
A variety of articles

Vol.36 no.4 2011
Classifying art: Specific schemes; adaptation; reclassification
Vol.36 no.3 2011
Special issue: The future of art bibliography
Vol.36 no.2 2011
A variety of articles
Vol.36 no.1 2011
Special issue: The architecture and space planning of art libraries

Vol.35 no.4 2010
A variety of articles
Vol.35 no.3 2010
Special issue: Managing born-digital objects in art, media and design
Vol.35 no.2 2010
IFLA Art Libraries Section pre-conference 2009 (Florence): New initiatives and developments in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey
Vol.35 no.1 2010
Plus ça change? Papers from ARLIS/UK & Ireland’s Cambridge conference 2009: Tradition and transformation

Vol.34 no.4 2009
Special issue: Art libraries and art librarianship in the Netherlands
Vol.34 no.3 2009
Special issue: Collecting and using film and moving images
Vol.34 no.2 2009
A variety of articles
Vol.34 no.1 2009
National resources, international perspectives

Vol.33 no.4 2008
A variety of articles
Vol.33 no.3 2008
Art libraries and librarianship in Flanders
Vol.33 no.2 2008
Documenting indigenous and minority art
Vol.33 no.1 2008
A variety of articles

Vol.32 no.1 2007
Documenting women ́s art
Vol.32 no.2 2007
Artists ́ books: Special issue
Vol.32 no.3 2007
International co-operation, plus a variety of other articles
Vol.32 no.4 2007
Special issue: Art libraries in new and converted buildings

Vol.31 no.1 2006
Archives in Germany, the United States and the UK
Vol.31 no.2 2006
All change! The impact on art libraries
Vol.31 no.3 2006
Digitisation: Some issues, some solutions
Vol.31 no.4 2006
Ephemera as a research resource: Special issue

Vol.30 no.1 2005
Archives and special collections
Vol.30 no.2 2005
A variety of articles
Vol.30 no.3 2005
Art libraries and art librarianship in Latin America
Vol.30 no.4 2005
German art research libraries in Florence, Munich, Rome and Paris

Vol.29 no.1 2004
The visual resources profession and the way forward
Vol.29 no.2 2004
Art trade documentation from auctioneer to database: A key resource
Vol.29 no.3 2004
Directions in design: Fashion, architecture, graphic design
Vol.29 no.4 2004
The art of cataloguing

Vol.28 no.1 2003
Working together: Focus on European initiatives
Vol.28 no.2 2003
A variety of articles
Vol.28 no.3 2003
Art & information in libraries and archives in Scotland
Vol.28 no.4 2003
Collecting contemporary objects, and a variety of other articles

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